Aqualife Quattro Water Filter

$123.00 + GST

The Aqualife® Coffee Machine Filter has been designed for the discerning consumer of fine coffee. The cartridge has 1 micron pre-filtration that will give excellent water clarity. It also incorporates an advanced technology Granulated Activated Carbon, and balanced bi-metal media with excellent chlorine, organic and heavy metal removal properties.  The media also provides a static microbacteria environment.

The Quattro cartridge gives coffee lovers water that passionately embraces that treasured and unique coffee flavour.  The technology also inhibits the development of lime-scale build-up that can damage the delicate components of your coffee machine.

Whether demanding a water filter for the health benefits, or to enhance the exotic flavour of your favourite coffee blend, you can be sure that the Aqualife® Quattro Coffee Machine Filter will give you the best result from your coffee equipment together if required, fresh tasting pure drinking water for your important customers or family on tap!

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The Aqualife® Quattro filter cartridge has been chemically engineered specifically for use in the commercial kitchen equipment market to protect combi ovens, espresso equipment and other commercial kitchen equipment using heated water where chemical reactions rapidly intensifies.

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