Melag B Class Autoclave 24 B/L+

The Vacuklav 24 B/L+ features an especially deep sterilization chamber (60 cm, volume of 29 litres) and is thereby especially suited to practices and hospitals that wish to sterilize extra-long instrument sets quickly. The technical equipment is equivalent to the Vacuklav 24 B+.
  • With an extra-deep sterilization chamber ideal for very long instruments
  • Especially robust all-rounder steam sterilizer via water cooling of the vacuum pump
  • Simple operation and versatile documentation
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Not only the performance and production quality of the Pro Class underline MELAG’s dominant position, their design makes these devices visually top class. In the quick program, unwrapped instruments can already be removed after only 20 minutes, including fractionated pre-vacuum and vacuum-quick drying. Depending on the total load of the autoclave, wrapped instruments are again available for use after 26 to 50 minutes.

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