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Thor | Tranzcor


$99.00 + GST

Thor is unbreakable. Thor cannot be destroyed. Notoriously known as a powerful God of war in nordic mythology, Thor is indeed a befitting name for the toughest model in the Suecos professional footwear range. With a stronger EVA cap for more protection, and a rubber slip-resistant outsole that very well exceeds the industry standards, Thor is bound to give you a one of a kind professional shoe that was bred for working on slippery surfaces.

Thor is unbreakable. Are you?

Recommended for: Chefs, and anyone who wants to look stylishly tough.
You can add an adaptable insole for your Thor.


Footwear specially designed for those working in the catering and food industries. The high-tech sole provides better grip and surpasses the most demanding industry standards on dry, wet, soapy and oily surfaces. Highest anti-slip category (SRC) specified by EN ISO 13287:2007. Furthermore, the toes and heels are reinforced for greater protection.

For a detailed technical specification sheet, you can download the Thor Brochure.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 4 cm
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